Sunday, May 18, 2014

Southern Cross is for sale

We've always known this day would come; we've just never known when. But we have decided it is time to move on to another chapter. Southern Cross is on the market, listed with a Sydney broker:

A variety of factors brought about this decision, but it basically comes down to recognizing that our combined physical abilities no longer provide us with a comfortable margin for dealing with the various challenges of cruising. Also, our financial picture will be changing in the next year or two, and we don't want to wait until the point at which boat ownership and maintenance become problematic. Finally, we have accomplished the basic goals which brought us this far: bluewater passages, remote islands, and exotic cultures. While we could continue to savor new destinations, there are other experiences in life that we don't want to postpone much longer.

Southern Cross has been our home and our magic carpet for 12 years, and is part of our family. We've discussed various ways of bringing her home to the Pacific Northwest, but none seem feasible given our physical and financial limitations. So we are hoping she finds a new home in this part of the world.

The current plan is to prepare for a voyage to New Caledonia, and on to Australia, leaving Fiji about the middle of June, when spring quarter is over and my teaching responsibilities will no longer require daily Internet contact.

1 comment:

Cathy Ellis said...

Ah, the end of an epic chapter!

And just when i was belatedly wanting to plan to join you again in the SP, one year from now!

Well, many more adventures ahead, different scripts !

Wish i could crew with you, but this is the busy sun season....