Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Time to Jump

We've been in Puerto Los Cabos for the last 4 days, doing last minute chores, grading final exams and papers, and waiting for crew. We filled the tanks with bottled water,

changed oil, filters, and transmission fluid, and generally fussed over whatever we could think to fuss over!
Justin and Joseph arrived yesterday, and helped with the last minute provisioning of fresh foods.

Justin works for the University of Idaho, which explains the "Vandals" flag flying over our heads in the picture. My university didn't give us a flag...
Justin is doing some science education on this passage, and we have a lot of cool scientific and communications equipment onboard, like a BGAN satellite uplink and a FLIR night-vision scope. You can follow Justin's blog at: alatlatequator.wordpress.com

We got our clearance papers this afternoon (after a half-hour of panic when they "lost" our original certificate of documentation, and so now we have officially left Mexico.

The actual departure will come at first light tomorrow. We're hoping for fair winds and following seas!

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Mike and Julie Hatcher said...

Good for you Mark. Looking forward to following along online.