Monday, March 5, 2012

Cruising again

(thanks to Keith and Donna of s/v Victoria Dos for this picture of us leaving the dock)

After more than 2 months in the marina, we are cruisers once again! Provisioning and other preparations for the Puddle Jump are now complete, except for last minute items such as fresh food. We left the dock at Marina Palmira for possibly the last time, at least in this boat. After motoring out to the harbor entrance, we shut off the engine and raised sails in a light NW breeze. We had an absolutely wonderful sail all the way to Bahia San Gabriel on Isla Espiritu Santo. After anchoring, we put the dinghy in the water, went to the beach, and had a great beach walk. There is only one other boat here, anchored at the far end of the bay.
It is great to be back on the water, and in such lovely surroundings.


Paul and Priscilla Zaro said...

Hi M & V !
I can almost feel the excitement in your posts in anticipation of your puddle jump! Glad to hear you're able to get away and unwind in one of the most peaceful spots on earth! I think you can actually not even hear the quiet! Enjoy your last few coves before the big blue...we'll be thinking of you and watching for updates.
Smooth Sailing,
Paul and Priscilla
s/v Wind Spirit

Anonymous said...

The gear system on this cruiser is the Shimano internal3-speed California Bikes.