Monday, January 2, 2012

Sailing in the New Year

The weather has recently warmed up to more like what we remember from last season. It is so nice that we just couldn't stay at the dock, even with a ton of boat chores and school work hanging over us. So we slipped the lines and had a great sail up to Caleta Lobos, only about 5 miles outside the La Paz entrance channel. Amazingly, there are only 2 other boats here, despite the proximity to the big city, and the beautiful, tranquil surroundings. Even though the water has dropped to a chilly (at least by Mexican standards) 68F, I went in for a "polar bear swim." It was so good that Vicki and I are both going in again today. Happy New Year!

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White Shell II said...

Good on you two!!! Summer is just begining here in Costa Rica so it is getting warmer here at Atenas which is about 45 min west fr San Jose. Been doing lots of travel with our CR friends..east coast and west. Tomorrow going south. This is the year of land travel for us but we do miss our White Shell...working on bringing her over soon. Feliz Anos 2112!!!