Friday, December 30, 2011

ashore for the holidays

Upon our return to La Paz, we booked a month's stay at Marina Palmira in anticipation of some land-based travel and visits from friends. Its a pleasant home base. Here we are with neighbors Paul and Judy from Grace.

This poor old Turkish-built schooner has been abandoned since the death of her owners several years ago, and at this point it looks unlikely that she will be successfully raised.


Steve and Lulu said...

Good to have you back on-line. Too bad about that Turkish boat. They finally hauled the wooden one that was at Marina Del Palmar, replaced a bunch of planks in the hull and refloated her.

How was your trip?

Sandy said...

Where is that boat? Is it a navigation hazard entering Marina Palmira or somewhere out of the way? See you soon!

Mark said...

Sandy, it is only a slight hazard for docks 4&5. They have partially raised her, so her masts only stick out a short ways now, not like in this picture.