Monday, May 23, 2011

Mazatlán for the summer

When we got to the boat in La Cruz, all was well after our 2-month absence, but the boat was incredibly dirty - even dirtier than it had been after being stored on the hard in San Carlos for 5 months! We resolved that, no matter how fond we were of La Cruz, we would move the boat north for the summer hurricane season. We sailed out to Punta Mita for the night, then motored most of the way to Matanchen Bay the next day. The following day there was still no wind, so we motored to Isabela and spent the night there. There were no other yachts, but plenty of fishing pangas.

The next afternoon we had a light SW breeze, just enough to sail, so we pulled the anchor, popped the spinnaker, and had a nice overnight run to Mazatlán. We even saw the Green Flash at sunset (I included a link to a scientific explanation of the phenomenon for all you non-believers).

We arrived at first light, anchored off Deer Island for a few hours, then went into the El Cid marina. After a couple of days here, we decided that this would be Southern Cross's home for the hurricane season. Mazatlán has been hit by storms in the past, but so have all the other ports along this coast. The El Cid marina staff did a great job protecting boats during the last storm to hit the area, and there are several liveaboards on our dock, so we feel the boat will be reasonably safe here.

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