Saturday, May 14, 2011

back in North America

We flew from Tahiti to Los Angeles yesterday, and are continuing on to Puerto Vallarta this morning. Once we are settled back on the boat, I will update the blog. We had a wonderful time in French Polynesia, but Internet connectivity was very slow and very expensive!


Rachel said...

Mark & Vicki, I just read the blog and so wish I could be with you when in South Pacific. You sounded like you savored every moment. Then you flew to LA...??? What a shock! And now back to Puerto Vallarta? Did you leave the boat in French Polynesia? You both have lived such full lives with all your travels. You epitomize my dream life! Love you and miss you. Rachel...still in Blue Lake

Joe Blitt said...

Mark and Vicki:

Wish you had been aboard Aranui for the whole voyage as Charlotte and I enjoyed especially, visiting with you. Great blog. Makes our visual records look quite feeble.

Joe Blitt

La Diva said...
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La Diva said...

I ran across your blog while doing research on the E38-200. If you don't mind could you share your thoughts and opinions on the boat, and how you think it would fair in the Pacific crossing you just completed. Thanks

Mark said...

Ben - we are very happy with our E38. We think she would do fine on a crossing to French Polynesia, and are currently planning to make the passage in spring 2012.

britmuffin said...

Hello, Vickie: just discovered your blog - but it ends so abruptly. I hope you are enjoying the end of summer. Fran and I haven't had many adventures since we got back.