Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tenacatita to Barra

After 11 days, we finally managed to pull the anchor and head out of Tenacatita. Its such a perfect spot, its been hard to leave. Our last day here, the Mexican navy arrived,

and boarded most of the yachts anchored here.

They were very polite, even more so than the US Coast Guard. According to the commanding officer, my Spanish fluency helped the process go a little quicker than for some of the other boats. Basically they asked to see ship's papers, passports, and navigation equipment. They also snapped photos of the passports and our nav station. At the end, they asked us to fill out a "how did we do?" type of questionnaire. We gave them "muy buenos" across the board. The Mexican navy has a good reputation among the cruising community, and we're glad they're here.

The next morning, we decided to follow Slacker into the Barra Lagoon, 12 miles away.

On the way, we celebrated Vicki's birthday. That's a little groundhog sticking up out of the muffin alongside the candle.

Barra has ATMs and other "necessities", along with a laid-back ambience. For some reason we missed this stop last year. Mike and Julie from Slacker gave us a tour of he town. So far, the highlight for me is the French baker, who delivers croissants and other delightful pastries direct to the boats anchored in the lagoon. We couldn't decide what we wanted most, so we got a baguette, chocolate croissant, raisin danish, and an almond pastry!

We finished Vicki's birthday with a night on the town with the Slacker crew. We had drinks on the hotel rooftop, followed by pizza.

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