Saturday, January 29, 2011


We reluctantly bid farewell to Chamela and traveled another 30 miles down the coast to one of our favorite anchorages from last year, Tenacatita. While we had no wind, we did see a lot of dolphins and whales along the way.

Tenacatita is one of the calmest anchorages along this coast, and has an excellent beach for walking and activities. There are nearby spots for snorkeling, surfing, and fishing, and you can also take your dinghy up the nearby estuary for a "jungle cruise". Many boats spend the majority of their season here. The "mayor" of Tenacatita and his wife are veterans of "The Farm", one of the most famous and successful American communal living experiments back in the 1970s. Here Robert (red hat), the "mayor", welcomes the rest of the cruisers ashore for the day's activities.

The usual menu might include volleyball, bocce, and beachwalks, but today Don and Deb from Buena Vista taught us to play cricket, in honor of Australia Day. Vicki made a nice line drive and scored a couple of runs.

Whales come right into the bay, and there is even a resident dolphin, named "Chip" for obvious reasons.

The only reason to leave the anchorage is to resupply with food, water, and beer. This week Slacker organized a panga ride across the bay to La Manzanilla. We actually had two very full pangas.

La Manzanilla is a small village with a growing population of gringos. Perhaps for that reason, it appears cleaner than some of the other villages.

One tourist attraction is a lagoon full of 12-foot long crocodiles. We couldn't spot any on this particular morning.

After a leisurely breakfast at Martin's, and a stroll through the tianguis (flea market) we tried to find our way up to the hillside for some views. We got lost on a dead-end road, but Lee and Laila kindly invited us inside their beautiful home for a view across the bay.

Finally, we did our shopping and boarded the panga for a return trip to the anchorage.

Every Friday, the "mayor" organizes a dinghy raft-up and potluck to meet and socialize with the other boaters. This week Vicki, Robert and Eric blew 3 conch horns in harmony to kick off the raft-up.

The end of another beautiful mid-winter day.

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