Friday, March 19, 2010

La Paz

This was a full day! We went ashore right after breakfast, and walked downtown to see a children's parade. This was a typically Mexican feel-good family event. The kids were dressed in elaborate costumes and face paint, and for the most part seemed to enjoy the parade almost as much as the adult onlookers!

After the parade we had some excellent shrimp tacos from a stall near the dinghy dock. At 15 pesos these were quite the tasty bargain, compared to the 30 peso hot dogs we had yesterday.

Once back on the boat, we decided to explore the peninsula (El Mogote) which shelters the La Paz anchorage.

We dinghied out to it and took a short walk along the beach.

Then we decided to head out into the bay beyond to see if there were any whales nearby. Sure enough, we soon spotted a pair of gray whales (well, what we spotted were the whale-watch boats following behind the whales).

You're not allowed to swim with whales in Mexico, but we had heard you can swim with whale sharks. So when we spotted a guy in a wetsuit getting ready to dive over the side of his boat, we asked him how to spot whale sharks. With his advice, we had soon spotted two whale sharks. Unfortunately, when I got into the water and tried to swim with them, it turned out that they were swimming too fast to catch up to. But it was cool to see them, a first for both of us!

As if we hadn't had enough excitement for one day, we are headed into town this evening to catch a Edith Piaf cabaret at a small French restaurant called "La Boheme." The cost for the dinner and the show combined are less than we would pay for appetizers at the French cafe back home!

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Livia said...

I recently found your blog through "The Yoders" and am enjoying paging through the backlogs. We start our own cruise in 83 days. North first (?to the Charlottes) and then South in Summer 2011.

I enjoyed reading about your harbor hopping down the coast. We are going to decide our route depending on when in the summer we decide to head down.

Cheers, Livia