Saturday, March 27, 2010

Back to La Paz

Its been a great week with David and Karen aboard, but its finally come to an end. We had a great sail in the morning from Ensenada Grande back towards La Paz.

As we neared the entrance channel, we decided we had time to look for whale sharks in front of El Mogote. We got lucky and spotted swimmers in the water with a whale shark. We stalled the boat, and David, Karen and I took turns swimming over to the whale shark. It was a fairly small one, perhaps 20-25' (they can grow up to 20 meters in length!). It swam slowly along, allowing us a very close look. Once I dove down to look at it from below, and it turned on its side to keep its eye on me! A magical encounter.

After returning to a slip at Marina Palmira, David and Karen helped us with boat cleaning and other chores. We could not have asked for better crew! We will miss the ukelele playing, meal preparation, and other fun activities we shared this week. Tomorrow we'll drive them down to the Los Cabos airport and visit Todos Santos on our way back to La Paz.

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Karen said...

Thanks again for such a wonderful trip. My mom is coming 'round in a fairly big way right now so just sent he a link to your blog. Thanks for making such a nice way to share the experience.