Friday, November 20, 2009

San Diego

We're still at the "police dock," the best value in town for $10.50/night. Unfortunately you only get 10 days here, so we are figuring out how to best use our available time. Since we can't run as many errands on the weekend, we'll anchor in Glorietta Bay for Saturday and Sunday, and come back here Monday.
We've gotten a lot done, or I should say, a lot of money spent, since we've been here. We have Mexican fishing licenses, Mexican liability insurance, a functioning toilet and waste system, a new extra propane tank, and myriad odds and ends that may or may not be useful, depending on how lucky we are.
We also applied for Mexican visas, but were turned down (they wanted to see a rental contract from a marina or other proof that we were storing the boat in one place, while we want to be on the move most of the time). Its not a big deal; we will just get the usual 180-day tourist permit when we enter the country.
We've met a number of boaters that will be on about the same schedule as we are heading down the Baja Peninsula. One of the more interesting couples are Keith and Oline, from Vancouver, who were heavily involved in the saga of Luna the lost killer whale a few years ago. They have hydrophones aboard and are studying the acousting signatures of any cetaceans they come across.

This is one of the noisiest harbors we've spent time in, due to the massive military presence. There are helicopters and jets flying at all hours. Ships are constantly coming and going too, but they're a lot quieter!

The most interesting watercraft we've seen so far is the BMW Oracle racing trimaran, which will race for the America's Cup next year in Spain. It is 100 feet long, 90 feet wide, 185 feet tall, and of course very fast.

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