Sunday, November 15, 2009

Dana Point

We're finally on the move again, after a very pleasant one-month hiatus in Newport Beach. Mark's cousins Glenn and Donna let us stay in the Balboa Beach house that was built by Glenn's father back in 1929. We were visited by many old friends and extended family members, and spent a lot of time with Mark's niece Juli and her family (pictured here at our beach house). We enjoyed the ambience of Newport Beach, which is still a beautiful and laid-back beach town despite being somewhat taken over by the rich and famous. We kayaked the Back Bay, bicycled along the coast to Huntington Beach, swam in the ocean, and marveled at the plentiful wildlife. We saw dolphins and/or whales on virtually every occasion when we took the boat out of the harbor.

Now the time has come to make last-minute preparations for crossing into Mexico, and these are best accomplished in San Diego.

Yesterday we had a very easy sail down the coast to Dana Point, with Mark's niece and her dad aboard (Juli's husband Willie and their 2 kids met us in Dana Point). We will visit more family and friends here for a couple of days, and then one more hop to San Diego.

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