Monday, July 15, 2013

Tonga to Fiji, Day Four

In the wee hours of the night, we crossed the dateline, going from west longitude to east longitude. Somewhat later, Vicki saw the lights from a freighter passing astern of us, and the island of Taveuni to starboard. The winds and seas subsided somewhat, and by dawn we were happy to see Vanua Levu ahead. We made the turn into Point Passage at 10, we were attached to a mooring ball at the Copra Shed by 11am, and we were cleared in by the officials an hour later (our favorite questions on the forms were whether we had any dead bodies or Holy Water on board!).

We were very grateful to get this final passage of the season behind us (we will haul out for cyclone season at Vuda Point near Nadi). We have always recognized ourselves as coastal cruisers at heart, but accepted the passages as the only way to get to experience this part of the world. But I think we may be finished with double-handing. We just don't enjoy it when the conditions get rough, and as we move west it seems that it has gotten rougher no matter what the Gribs say. Next year we may look for crew for the passages on the way to Australia.
On the other hand, we feel much better about our boat after this passage. She handled everything very well, nothing broke, and we always felt safe.

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Cathy Ellis said...

FIJi, congrats on another passage......the only passage i have made recently was this week, orcas landing to canoe island....canoe island is grand, this french camp program outstanding, Connie and Joseph work non stop, such amazing folks and to see them in action with these kids and teens, lots of love and talent and COMMITMENT.....ou la la ! happy trails, love Cathy