Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Bora by land

Once again we rented a scooter to see some of the sights on land here in Bora Bora. There are a lot of remnants of the American military presence in WWII, including the airport runway that is still being used, and a number of gun emplacements on strategic hilltops. Unfortunately, they are not well marked and the maps are somewhat ambiguous. After numerous inquiries and several false starts, we thought we were onto something when we spied this steep concrete road heading up to a ridgetop. A man working nearby assured us this was the way to "ze cannon." We plodded up the steep hillside only to find a few abandoned homes, some water tanks, and thick jungle. Oh well, the view over the lagoon and motus was magnificent. You can even see a neighboring atoll, Tupuai, in the background. Can't blame the locals for not keeping the historic trails cleared. Look how quickly things grow here! Beautiful backdrop for this residential area. We decided we had to have a meal at Bloody Mary's, one of the most famous restaurants in the South Pacific. It was actually pretty good value for the money. I had an excellent hamburger, accompanied by a virgin mary (no drunken scooter driving for me). Our last stop was at the home of a man who had given us a ride earlier in the week. Dominic is a retired architect from Grenoble, and his partner teaches physical education in the local school, and (to Vicki's delight) is a massage therapist. We enjoyed sitting on the cool shady veranda, smelling the tiare blossoms freshly picked from their garden. They're coming by the boat later with a bag full of pamplemousse (grapefruit) for the next stage of our journey. Now we're back at our temporary home, the Bora Bora Yacht Club. Its actually a bar/restaurant, and not a true yacht club, but they provide wonderful services (mooring ball, dinghy dock, hot showers, free Internet) for only about US$15/night. Vicki and I have been practicing yoga on the deck in the mornings. Yet another place we will have a hard time leaving!

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