Friday, April 8, 2011

Day 16

We're within two days of our next milestone, crossing the Equator into the South Pacific. All of us are "pollywogs" meaning that we haven't yet sailed across the Equator. Once we cross, we have to undergo certain rituals, including a sacrifice to Neptune, and then we will become "shellbacks." My father underwent this initiation 70 years ago in the Merchant Marines, and I will be thinking of him as I follow in his wake.

The ride has been somewhat more "boisterous" in the last few days due to unsettled weather. Seems like whatever course we make causes the boat to wallow and roll heavily. I thought this would be something you get used to with time, but it is actually pretty tiresome at this point for all of us, and for the other boats on passage with whom we are in daily contact. We're trying not to think about how far we still have to go.

The fishing continues to be disappointing; only 6 bonitos, in two separate events where we hooked up on all 3 lines at once. Three of the other boats have caught mahi mahi, which is what we would like to catch.

The skipper dug out a spare water pump for the generator, and it works like a champ now. No need to alter sail in order to generate electricity.

Our position this morning is 03 deg 40 min N, 129 deg 15 min W.

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