Sunday, December 19, 2010

San Jose Channel

Winds remained light most of the day after leaving Los Gatos, so we thought we would try anchoring somewhere along the coast of Isla San Jose. However, as we reached the narrowest part of the San Jose Channel, the winds increased to nearly 20 knots, so we decided to "go with what we know" and head for San Evaristo. This anchorage is nearly bombproof in prevailing northerlies.
The next morning dawned perfectly clear and calm ("Charlie-Charlie" as we say on the radio), so we motored 3 miles across the channel to Punta Salinas. There is an old salt-mining operation here, which makes a hike along the beautiful beach all the more interesting.

Next, we motored another 3 miles south and anchored off the mouth of one of the largest mangrove swamps in Baja, called Amortajada. There is something surreal about gliding along in a swamp that is surrounded by tall cactus and red rocks!

We almost got trapped in the lagoon by the falling tide, and had to use our river-running skills to keep from running aground on the way out!

Next stop: Isla Coyote. This is another spot best reserved for calm conditions, so we hadn't been able to visit during all of the windy weather we experienced last spring. Unfortunately, this time around, while weather was favorable, we found the island nearly deserted for the upcoming holidays! We still enjoyed the whalebones and the view of surrounding islands.

We finished the day by anchoring at Isla San Francisco, where we experienced our first coromuel wind of the season. A sure sign that we are nearing La Paz!

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