Friday, November 12, 2010

Shakedown cruise to San Pedro

We followed our friends on Windward about 15 miles up the coast from San Carlos to this beautiful crescent-shaped cove. For two days we snorkeled, sea kayaked, collected murex shells left behind by fishermen, and hiked along the beautiful Sonora desert coastline.

This sea cave was over 100 yards deep, with a small beach at the back and ropes for tying up pangas. Looks like local fishermen camp here regularly.

The first norther of the season was predicted for later today, so we sailed back down to Algodones, a more protected cove just outside of San Carlos. The wind came up, as predicted, while we were on our way. We had an uncontrolled jibe while looking at the chart and trying to figure out our approach to the cove. Later, while we were dousing the mainsail, the traveler car blew off the track, probably due to the earlier jibe. This is a picture of Solera, a vintage Columbia 40, that sailed back to San Carlos at the same time as we did.

Now, at 4:30 PM, we're safely anchored behind Venados Island, watching a pack of kiteboarders ride the 25 kt winds back and forth between the beach and our boat. Replacement parts for the traveler have already been ordered from San Diego, thanks to Skype Internet phone.

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