Monday, May 10, 2010

San Carlos, Sonora

We had been dreading our last stop of the trip, knowing how much work it would be to decommission Southern Cross and put her in dry storage. We allowed ourselves 4 full days to prepare the boat for haulout, so we could think through every step and wouldn't feel rushed.
We have been surprised at how nice San Carlos is! The marina is situated in a beautiful bay, surrounded by colorful mountains. The area reminds us a bit of Sedona, AZ. The marina and dry storage staff have been helpful, and we have met a lot of friendly boaters. Local vendors have come by every day offering lobster, scallops, fresh orange juice and produce, so we are really eating well!
The work has gone smoothly: stripping sails, lines, canvas and other items from above decks, rinsing it, and stowing it below; cleaning every locker and sprinkling in boric acid to discourage insects; flushing tanks, changing engine oil, topping off battery water, the list is pretty long. The marina staff have helpfully posted a checklist.
Later today we haul the boat out, and move ashore for the first time since last October. You might think we would be eager to move into more spacious quarters, but actually we are kinda sad at the prospect. Our boat has been a comfortable home, and we will really miss her!

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