Sunday, February 7, 2010


We have finally found a cove that matches all 5 characteristics of our "ideal" anchorage:
1. no other boats (although we do find ourselves missing the conversation and fun with other cruisers)
2. a totally natural landscape surrounding us - not even a palapa visible onshore, nor any city lights, and no disco beat at night
3. fantastic snorkeling - viz of 25' and more, great corals, lots of fish
4. no rocking and rolling due to waves and swells
5. perfect sand bottom to hold our anchor securely
Actually many of our anchorages have been excellent, but this IS the first one we have had to ourselves. What's amazing is that we are only a few miles from one of Mexico's largest Pacific ports, Manzanillo.
Unfortunately, like any fantasy, it can't last long. We've got to head to town for provisions and a more solid Internet connection (for my work) in a day or two. But today we spent 4 hours or more in the water, including the first SCUBA dive of the trip.

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