Monday, June 29, 2009

Work day in Astoria

Vicki hitched a ride back to Portland yesterday with some other boaters that have been delayed here since last Thursday, and then drove our car back down here. This morning, we decided that she and Mike would drive home, and I would stay here to work on the boat. Even though its too rough to cross the bar, its sunny and beautiful here in Astoria. Before the winds piped up for the day, Vicki hauled me to the masthead to work on our wind instrument and to install the new SSB long wire antenna. That's an Ericson 27 next us, Windwalker from Portland.

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DeLynn said...

Just talked to Vicki on the phone. Sorry to hear of the delay but I'm sure the sun will shine on your voyage soon! DeLynn and are going to be in Newport tomorrow. We had hoped to maybe meet you, but next time...Good luck on your projects on the boat.