Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Downwind to Canada

Great sailing continues! Yesterday we had a downhill run all the way from Friday Harbor to Bedwell Harbour on South Pender Island, where we cleared customs, entered Canada, and started adding a "u" to the word "harbour". We anchored off Beaumont Provincial Park for the night.
Today we tacked out of Bedwell and continued downwind toward Fulford, on Saltspring Island. On the way, 
we took a lunch break 
at Russell Island, one of the newest additions to the Gulf Islands National Park Reserve. This was one of the islan
ds settled by Hawaiian natives, who arrived in the 1800s as crew on sailing ships. It had a cool "Hobbit trail" and one of the last remaining Hawaiian ho
We had a special reason for visiting Fulford. Our friend Cathy's old boat Gertrud was bought by a local author and now lives here. We checked on her and she looked great.

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